Along the Path

Little Buggers
oil on board, 8"x8", May 2020 (SOLD)
Keep them Seperated
oil on canvas, 8"x8", March 2020
Each Step, A History of Creativity
Oil on canvas, 30"x40", October 2019
Blind I and Blind II
oil on canvas, 23"x23" (each), August 2019
(collaboration with Heather Heitzenrater) oil on board, 12"x36", April 2019
oil on canvas, 18"x24", January 2019
Oil on board, 36" x 36", July 2018 SOLD (This piece is a collaboration with fellow painter and wife, Heather Heitzenrater. )
Proverbial Ladder
Oil on canvas, 24" x 36" May 2018
Synaptic Clutter
Oil on canvas, 24" x 36", March 2018
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