Along the Path

Rock'N Support
oil on canvas, 23"x23", March 2020
Birds of a Feather
oil on canvas, 18"x36", January 2020
At a Glimpse
oil on canvas, 18"x18" (untraditional), October 2019
Each Step, A History of Creativity
Oil on canvas, 30"x40", October 2019
Diamond in the Rough
Oil on canvas, September 2019
Blind I and Blind II
oil on canvas, 23"x23" (each), August 2019
Leaving Their Mark
oil on canvas, 20"24", June 2019
(collaboration with Heather Heitzenrater) oil on board, 12"x36", April 2019
oil on canvas, 28"x28", April 2019 (SOLD)
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